Ai dang kiem soat vnminghuiorg minhuenet vifalundafaorg phapluanorg va chanhkienorg tieng viet

This website is created by long-term practitioners in Vietnam is based on the experience of cultivation, personal observation as well as the synthesis of information from various channels. We are aware of the principles that Falun Dafa founder, Master Li Hongzhi has put forward, regarding copyright information, so the website does not store any Falun Gong resources. French like video or lectures by Master Li Hongzhi. All the contents of the author's articles on the Website, which should be cited in the lecture by Master Li Hongzhi, we follow the principle of not displaying that content, Fa lectures go to or and attach keywords to searchable readers. This site was designed by a practitioner to design and maintain its own resources, in addition to no money, no compensation, no fundraising and no business or profit making. Otherwise, all volunteer to help protect Dafa.

Of course, if you touch and expose the mask of the hidden elements, take advantage of the trainee, which affects the long-term plan and strategy of pursuit of fame as well as tools to make money. Their inevitability will inevitably propagate in the students that this site sabotage, snooping, division of the body or the agent, intelligence something and so on. Actually, they want to make a living and take advantage of the practitioners without being touched by the law. Of course, they have to "get into the body" so that nobody realizes it. If Môi trường Pháp Luân Công expose them, they will say "divide. ", they equate the "divide "=" expose them" because if the learners recognize they can not work the monster anymore. The practitioners are based on the Dharma but do not arbitrarily believe what the practitioners around say, the more there is no call to build mutual trust, in fact if one is wrong then it must expose, and to help They avoid making more karma, while lessening the loss of the students. In truth and false, students need to consider and consider Dafa consider what the Website posted correct or not? Sometimes the truth is not as pleasant as we would like, but it must be exposed, not because of the love between the practitioners, because of fear of touching or ignoring it, because it is duty to protect Dafa. We just focus on doing the job well and accepting what we do or not is due to the practitioner. It is also a trial process to discard the attachment mind, because it is the students have loopholes, have no attachments so the new bad guys can not do evil

This is a website which providing the truth about the situation of the FaLun Gong's environment (in Vietnamese called "Pháp Luân Công", "Pháp Luân Đại Pháp", "Phap Luan Cong") in Vietnam. "Pháp Luân Công" began to be practiced in Vietnam by early 2000. From 2000 to 2006 the environment was nice, no reaction from government or socials. But after 2009, when some foreign Vietnamese people who lived in USA come to Viet Nam, they did many things that sabotaging "Pháp Luân Công"'s reputation. The name of them could be listed like: Vo Hoang Vinh, Pham Don Nhan and one who was prisoned in 2011 - Vu Duc Trung. Right now, they have created a system that leading many - Đệ tử "Pháp Luân Đại Pháp" - FalunDafa practitioners to do bad things. So, to stop that evil plan, this website providing relevant information that could help practitioners see through the true evil face of that system and bring them to justice as soon as possible